Joshua Diamond

After four years with the Atlas Project, two and half of which as their Director of Data and Technology, Joshua left in early 2017 to join Rad Campaign as a Web Developer. Infinitely curious, Joshua finds fulfillment in discovering new web development technologies and applying them to tools for organizations that better our community and the world. In his spare time, Joshua is an avid tennis player, trains for obstacle course races, involuntarily pounces on pedestrian puns, and eats entirely way too much ice cream.

Joshua hails from New Hampshire by way of Florida and first came to DC in 2006 for undergraduate study at the American University. After brief stints of international travel, Joshua fell in love with data in 2012 by working in campaign finance on congressional campaigns. After a tough primary loss in WI, Joshua accepted a fellowship back in DC to work at the New Organizing Institute where he helped collect voter information as part of the Voter Information Project which fed Google, Facebook, and the Pew Research Institute’s Election Day voter information tools. Following the 2012 election, Joshua began a fellowship with the Atlas Project where he began learning how to code and make GIS maps.

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