March's Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Reaching Millennials And Beyond


How nonprofits can effectively engage the quickest growing, most connected people online: Millennials and Generation Z?

Strategists have been talking with youth, pouring over data, and rigging the best ads for years now. But is it working?

With so many shiny objects coming at them from all directions, nonprofit communicators need to be thoughtful about how to effectively reach these hyper-connected audiences.

Fortunately, we have heard from some thoughtleaders in the nonprofit sphere on how they're reaching the Always On Generations.

  • Jeremy Koch, over at Empower Nonprofits, discusses how Millennials are changing nonprofit marketing and fundraising and offers suggestions on how to adapt to ensure you can benefit for decades to come.
  • At the Harvard Business Review, Kristin Naragan illuminates the world of email, and how it's essentially the portal key to Millennials. She explains that Millennials check email more than any other age group, and nearly half can’t even use the bathroom without checking it, according to a recent Adobe study. Find out more about why Email Is The Best Way To Reach Millennials.
  • Sujan Patel talks about the diversity of Millennials and Generation Z. He reveals that nearly 43% are non-white and roughly 25% speak a language other than English at home. Don't let this range in diversity scare you off, Patel provides 3 Essential Tips for Marketing to Millennials with diversity in mind.
  • Always remember the organizing phrase, nothing about us without us. This same concept applies with the teen demographic. Rad Campaign has trained nonprofits on How To Reach Teens When You Aren't One, and they're ready to let you in on their secrets.
  • Maddie Grant, at Higher Logic, reminds us to learn from Millennials. Similarly to the nothing about us without us concept, Grant espouses that we need to spend less time talking about them or at them, and more time talking with them. In Learning From Millennials, she encourages us to start inviting them to the leadership meetings where we discuss how to attract and engage them in ways that matter.

We need to keep this discussion going, and it's critical that we continue to engage and communicate with Millennials and beyond.


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