Center for American Progress

Redesigned, redeveloped and revitalized an existing property, increasing traffic, conversions and ease of use.

Center for American Progress

Visualizing Poverty in America Via Data and Reporting

A project of the Center for American Progress, TalkPoverty is aimed at dramatically reducing poverty by using the stories they tell, data, and reporting they do to engage users to take action

Our Approach

  • Rad Campaign redesigned, updating the look and feel to have a modern media website presence.
  • Incorporated compelling imagery that helped tell American's personal stories and how poverty impacted their lives. 
  • Dramatically improved the organization's ability to incorporate interactive features and multimedia in blog posts.
  • Developed the blog to be highly shareable across social media, and easily load related blogs as users scroll to the end of a post.
  • Re-tooled their poverty data section to improve usability and navigability, in order to make their state and congressional district data easier to understand (see portfolio screenshot below).

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