Our Philosophy:

Rad Campaign is a web agency deeply committed to organizations that want to change the world and socially responsible businesses that want to claim their corner of it. We fight to conserve America's national forests and wildlife and protect it from Big Oil. We champion the arts and fight for artistic freedom to bring vitality to communities. We educate the public about becoming conscious consumers and why purchasing green, socially responsible products are better for the planet and our health. We mobilize people to lobby congress on meaningful healthcare reform, better wages and benefits. And much, much more.

We're avid storytellers, designers, fundraisers, advocacy strategists, and social media influencers. We like to experiment with innovative technology but shy away from ineffective shiny object syndrome.

Our History

For over a decade, Rad Campaign has helped shape the nonprofit world through web design, open source development, and innovative online campaigns. We were born out of desire to empower people across the world to use the Internet to create social change. We're deeply passionate about open source technology and have worked with over 100 of the biggest and smallest nonprofits and their leaders to create websites that spur advocacy, raise money, engage and mobilize communities.

The firm is lead by Founding Partners Allyson Kapin and Jared Seltzer, both of whom are considered one of the earliest experts in online advocacy and nonprofit tech. They frequently speak to the media and at national conferences about open source web development, online marketing, online fundraising, and social media.

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