About 3

Our Mission

Rad Campaign is a digital agency deeply committed to organizations that want to change the world. We build dynamic websites, apps, advocacy, and fundraising campaigns that generate enormous impact for the biggest nonprofits. 

We fight to conserve America's national forests and wildlife and protect it from Big Oil. We mobilize people to lobby congress on meaningful healthcare reform. We're fierce advocates for reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration, gun reform, education, and better wages and benefits. We educate the public about the implications of the rise of online harassment and voter suppression. We won’t stop until we build a more just and equitable society.

Our Roots

We’re deeply passionate about developing innovative tech that unites people and sustains movements. We're motivated by challenging cultural norms and processes that perpetuate inequities.

Since 2004, Rad has worked with the biggest and smallest forward-thinking nonprofits and their leaders to reinvent their organization for the digital world. We’ve helped shape the nonprofit tech sector through web design, open source development, and groundbreaking online campaigns that align with our values. We've mobilized millions of people to take action, raised a ton of money, and impacted significant legislation.