Wordpress to the power of composer

WordPress Plugin Development: Ditch Require and Use Composer!

Hey there! I've been a WordPress developer for 4+ years now. In my old job, I managed a single WordPress site while still learning how to code. In the WordPress ecosystem, composer has not really been adopted in a substantial way and so when I came to work at Rad Campaign I had very little understanding of composer. Rad Campaign manages lots of websites that are on a number of different content management systems and frameworks. Drupal and Laravel for instance make great use of composer and…

Do Something Great

2019 Nonprofit Website Trends You Need To Know

We’ve designed and built a lot of websites over the past decade for the largest and smallest nonprofits. Website trends faded in and out, and some came back in style again, and we’ve learned a lot of lessons about how to design websites that mobilize people to take action, boost donations, and advocacy conversions through optimized landing pages. How can nonprofits supercharge their websites in 2019? Here are eight of the best website trends that you can immediately explore on your own…

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What I Learned from Elon Musk and the Biggest Tech CEOs

Tech CEOs like Elon Musk have been deemed visionaries by the tech world for “disrupting” transportation, but a visionary is very different than an effective CEO. It takes more than launching rockets into orbit or creating electric cars to truly be an effective CEO. It takes leadership across every part of the organization. There’s been a laser focus on founders’ and CEOs’ ability to constantly push the envelope and innovate. This can result in “visionary” CEOs just focusing on the product and…

Yellow sign in dessert that says "Warning Ahead" with images of bees.

A Nonprofit’s Quick Guide for Managing Online Harassment

While it might appear that Facebook is taking over the world, the future of Facebook isn't very certain. Will they even exist in 5 years? Are they actually protecting their users’ data? For how long will they be able to profit off of you? Off of your nonprofit? Your constituents? To skip directly to the Quick Guide, click here.   Right now organizations are devoting significant time and energy into outreach and recruitment strategies across social networks. But, how…