Social Media Graffiti with Mark Zuckerberg's face and text that says "You've Been Zucked"

5 Social Media Updates You Can't Miss

The constantly shifting landscape of social media keeps us on our toes, and it’s important that we identify the latest updates and trends for our nonprofit clients. It’s easy to miss an update, then lose all of your data forever (in the case of Facebook), or to get stuck in your old habits and miss out on a lot of potential constituents or money (in the case of Twitter). Here are five social media updates you’ll want to pay attention to this spring and summer: Facebook is deleting your…

Smartphone showing a search for "Analytics" on Google

What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Google's SEO Update

Website analytics and best practices can be really confusing for nonprofit campaigners - we promise you’re not alone. In the battle royale of Google search rankings, the position that website shows up in a Google search results page can be the difference between 50 people seeing your site and 50,000. Starting June 2021, your nonprofit website position could take a big hit if you're not paying attention. Google is planning to roll out…

Wordpress typewriter

Handy WordPress Theme Functions

WordPress has many theming functions available to ease front end development. Some are bundled as plugins, while others are added to the theme’s functions.php file. There are pros and cons to each approach. A plugin should really be added for each individual function, which results in a large number of custom plugins to maintain. The best functions just require a few simple lines of code, making them easier to manage in one file (functions.php), and in one location. Here are 5 incredibly…

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Top Tactics to Build People-Powered Movements

Women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ communities don’t just make up the majority of consumers, we are the heart of social change movements.  During the Nonprofit Digital Strategy Summit, Rad Campaign hosted a session that brought together nonprofit advocacy leaders to explore how we, as nonprofits, can build better, more inclusive movements based on the core issues and values that impact our communities' lives. This panel featured: Ben…