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Build a movement to promote diversity in tech and startups

Rad Campaign launched Women Who Tech to disrupt a culture and economy that has made it exceedingly difficult for women entrepreneurs to access capital.

Only 1.9% of all investor funding goes to women-led startups. We want to crush that dismal stat through our Women Startup Challenges! We recruit and showcase early stage women-led ventures and put capital, mentoring, and resources behind women who are creating disruptive companies.

Our Strategy

  • Showcasing the best early stage women-led startups on stage to investors at Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and City Hall in both London and Paris. 
  • Mobilizing a network of 65,000+ women in tech and startup founders.
  • Developing strategic partnerships with Mayors in prominent global tech hubs, including London and Paris.
  • Providing pitch coaching to help startups hone their pitch deck and investor pitches.
  • Building a network of investors to mentor startups.
  • Hosting a Women Startup Challenge Podcast to help fund women founders globally.
  • Developed the first comprehensive study on the harassment of women founders face while raising capital.
  • Crafting media campaigns focused on the positive ROI of investing in diverse women-led startups.
  • Generating press coverage in Fast Company, Recode, Techcrunch, Forbes, Glamour, Reuters, and more. 
  • Using multiple channels to highlight the achievements of women leaders in technology and entrepreneurship.


Funds Raised by Startups
Women of Color Founders
Startups in Pipeline

In addition to raising over $28M in funding, the startup cohorts are developing major partnerships with Amazon, Sony, and more. They are also being accepted into the largest accelerators globally.