How to link to enraging sites without giving them an SEO boost

How often do you read something and it outrages you? Do you find yourself sharing the outrageous website or article because you want others to hate it as much as you do? I know I feel this way every time I read something that's victim blaming, or each time an article is racist (like the Black Teen Detained by NYPD for Buying an Expensive Belt) or homophobic or sexist (like the Tech CEO who thinks that women who wear heels don't have a brain).

How often do you share a fraud website or product, encouraging others to avoid the product, but linking back to the site as a source? The internet is now everyone's stage, and people speak out about absolutely everything.

I know that I tend to share articles around social justice issues across platforms, hoping to instigate action. I share via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And that's just me. There are so many platforms out there that people are using every single day. Each time you share an article that comes from a terrible source, you are still promoting that source and contributing to their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The more a website is shared, the more people are being exposed to the site's content without proper context.


Now you can use Donotlink acts a lot like, and creates a shortened URL to the website that you are referencing. This URL prevents search engines from crawling the website by routing links to the questionable site through a unique immediate URL that forwards the visitor to the destination through javascript. The URL is then blocked in donotlink's robots.txt file. It's given "noindex" and "nofollow" properties. And if a search engine proves to be sneaky, has code that will identify the search engine and will provide it with a blank page (403 Forbidden).

Now, you can discuss enraging articles and terrible websites without improving the offending site's rank. Wish you'd found this resource sooner? Us too.

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