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You'll Never Believe What One Developer Did With compact()

*/ I love PHP, and everyone that hates it needs to chill out! I’ve seen so many questions on quora like this one that carry an implicit dig on the language. The questioner starts with the assumption that PHP sucks. I won’t get into the reasons why they are wrong, for that you can just read the answers to the question in the link. But It did get me thinking that PHP…

100 cardboard cutouts of FB founder/CEO Zuckerberg outside the US Capitol in DC on 4/10/2018. Avaaz is calling attention to what the groups says are hundreds of millions of fake accounts still spreading disinformation on FB. -SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Facebook Faces Congress And Why This Is A Detriment to Nonprofits

While Facebook has been under investigation by Congress, we’ve been seeing lots of changes on all of the networks that connect to the mega social network because of changes to the Facebook and Instagram APIs that are “intended” to protect your data and your privacy. Many of your apps that are connected to Facebook and Instagram probably don’t work the same as they did a few weeks ago. This is because Facebook and Instagram have drastically altered or discontinued their public APIs. (Psst, an…

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A Nonprofit's Guide to Google Ads

Google Ads is inevitably a subject that comes up around tracking online performance, website visits, and conversions. Too often, nonprofits with limited resources and small or nonexistent digital teams leave their monthly $10,000 Google Ad Grant untouched, or abandon their accounts when things become too complex to manage on a regular basis. But using AdWords doesn't have to be out of reach, and the traffic it drives can be a pleasant surprise. If you take just a few minutes to dive into your…

web design best practices

Web Design Best Practices

Half a second  The time it takes for a person to form an impression about your organization after landing on your website.  5 seconds  The time you have to engage someone visiting your site, and tell them the mission and goals of your organization.  You may have heard the term "above the fold". This references the content that appears on a website without scrolling down. Examine your content above the fold. Does it grab people's attention? Does your website tell a visually appealing…