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10 Winning Tactics, Technologies, and Strategies Every Advocacy Campaigner Needs to Know

​The average person receives about 120 emails per day. And 23 billion text messages are sent each day worldwide. Factor in direct mail, social media, and news alerts on mobile devices, and it's no surprise that nonprofit advocates are so inundated that they just can't keep up. During the Nonprofit Digital Strategy Virtual Summit with panelists Colin Delany, Founder of Epolitics, Natasha Madison, Director of Community and Partnerships at New/Mode, Chris…

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5 Lessons Learned from Coronavirus Crowdfunding

For the past 10 years, I’ve helped nonprofits raise money online. I have rebuilt websites, drilled into analytics, optimized donation forms, crafted call-to-action language, run user testing, strategized campaigns...I get it. I understand the logic and the logistics of how to get people to give money in the digital space. My perspective changed last week. For the first time, I ran a personal crowdfunding campaign. During a pandemic. And it went gangbusters. Here’s what I learned: 1. Focus…

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Why Base Themes Make Developer Life Easier

Front End Developers often juggle multiple projects at a time. Starting a new project can be time consuming: Between selecting a framework, creating necessary CSS, JavaScript, and SASS files, it’s a process. Setting aside a few hours now to create a base project theme would both save exponentially more time down the line, as well as keep project consistency. The first step for creating a base theme is deciding if a base framework will be used. Several great ones exist, however using one is not…

Nonprofit Digital Strategy Summit

Nonprofit Digital Strategy Virtual Summit

The Nonprofit Digital Strategy Virtual Summit was an online summit for nonprofits to learn about and share the latest cutting-edge tools and digital strategies for online campaigns across advocacy, organizing, and fundraising. The Summit was a full day of virtual panels led by the best nonprofit strategists and leaders in the space. Each panel provided plenty of open discussion and dialogue for virtual attendees. We live tweeted the Summit. Check out our discussions at…