March 7, 2013

Meme-Jacking for Social Good

I'm always excited when I see organizations participating in memes. It's usually a chance for organizations to show their personality, engage the community creatively, and connect their mission to a wider conversation and cultural moment.

February 4, 2013

Culture-Jacking: Agile Nonprofit Marketing Meets Broadcast TV

I always look forward to the Super bowl. In my family, the Super bowl means getting together with friends, trash talking old friends on Facebook, shushing everyone when the commercials come on, and, if we're lucky, a full-fledges hot dog bar.


January 9, 2013

Best Nonprofit Marketing Posts of 2012

There are some really brilliant people working in the nonprofit community a

April 11, 2012

5 (Rad) Takeaways from 12NTC

Hundreds of nonprofit professionals descended on San Francisco last week for the Nonprofit Technology Conference. 12NTC was jam packed with a ton of generous, collaborative, and smart people, interesting sessions, connecting, and learning. Here are my biggest takeaways.

February 13, 2012

Submit Your Awesome Nonprofit Videos

It's that time of the year. Time for nonprofits to submit their videos to the 2012 DoGooder NonProfit Video Awards