Consumers Union

Consumers Union needed more traction with constituents online on consumer protection issues. They looked to Rad Campaign for a social media content and engagement strategy.

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Social Media Best Practices and Training For Maximum Engagement

Rad Campaign worked with Consumers Union organizers to develop a social media training focused on deepening conversations with their audience and fostering community using measurement tools to evaluate engagement.

Our Approach

  • Assess Consumers Union's current presence on social media channels.
  • Provide specific strategies for community engagement and rapid response.
  • Share best practices and tools for social media monitoring and measurement.
  • Provide effective time management solutions and cross team collaboration.
  • Showcase studies and discuss exemplary nonprofit social media campaigns that successfully engaged niche communities.
  • Provide measurement tools to track what social media content was resonating, leading to deeper engagement and email list conversions.

Empowering Consumers Union Organizers in the Social Media Sphere.

Rad Campaign's training allowed Consumers Union organizers to gain critical skills in how to integrate social media content and engagement strategies into their daily work. Our training also helped them to develop another key skill: how to measure Social Media ROI including Return on Insight, Return on Interaction, and Return on Impact.