When Craig Newmark founder of craigslist decided to take his skills from the startup world and apply them to help nonprofits working to solve some of the biggest social issues, he retained Rad Campaign to build in 2011.

craigconnects logo

Version 2.0

In 2015, we launched the 2.0 version of craigconnects (better, nerdier) to be a news hub highlighting Craig’s blog and social networks. The stories and impact focuse on Veterans, Women in Tech, Trustworthy Journalism, Voter Suppression, and Peer-to-peer giving. 

Our Approach

We monitored on Google Analytics regularly, creating monthly tracking reports to determine what content was resonating most with craigconnects visitors.  The new site features a:

  • Responsive design to improve the user experience targeting the 60% of mobile traffic users visiting
  •  News driven design that Craig updates frequently, with the simple ability to share and track shares. This was done to focus on the issue areas that Craig highlights daily, as lifting up the work of other organizations is a priority of Craig’s.
  •  A data-driven approach based on target audiences interests and Craig's philanthropic priorities.


  • Increased monthly unique visits
  • Increased time spent on site
  • Increased social shares
  • Decreased bounce rates