Nonprofit 2.0

How do nonprofits navigate all of the social media channels to build engaged and passionate online communities? How will they learn the best tools and technology for social change, and how to weed their way through the social media bubble and noise to truly connect with their supporters and inspire change? Our Solution: the Nonprofit 2.0 Unconference.

Non-profit 2.0 logo

Nonprofit Leadership SHARING AND LEARNING in the Digital Space

Rad Campaign co-founder Allyson Kapin created Nonprofit 2.0, a next generation unconference in format that brings nonprofit leaders and campaigners together to discuss the latest issues in social media and online organizing. Our approach:

  • Provide exciting keynote conversations with leaders ranging from Beth Kanter to Craig Newmark and Jean Case of the Case Foundation.
  • Bring together DC's brightest minds for strategizing for social good.
  • Facilitate a multi-track conference agenda that is relevant and inspiring to every conference attendee looking to ramp up their digital campaigns. 


Built from an open brainstorm held at the beginning of the Unconference, and lasting less than an hour, Nonprofit 2.0 focuses on the unique, specific needs of its attendees in the digital space. This one of kind Unconference has provided 600+ activists, techies, and other nonprofit leaders across the U.S. an invaluable opportunity to learn from their peers’ experiences, defeats, and their victories in a collaborative, open environment.

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