When UCS was not making the impact they wanted via online advocacy, fundraising, and engagement, UCS hired Rad Campaign to develop a two-year online strategic plan focused on strategies and campaigns to better reach current audiences and to engage new ones.

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Online Marketing and SEO for MEASURABLE SUCCESS

Rad Campaign worked with UCS to focus on marketing and recruitment strategies and SEO improvements to build a healthier, more engaged list of online activists and donors.

Our approach included

  • Website usability, SEO, and engagement assessment.
  • Content recommendations across multiple online channels tailored to recruit niche audiences interested in climate change.
  • Standardized testing protocols to determine campaigns' relative success and effectiveness.
  • Working with UCS to create personal online brands for their scientists.
  • Social media engagement and planning.
  • Deployment of these and other strategies over a two year period to accommodate staff capacity.

Two-Year Online Strategic Plan

Rad Campaign's plan provided detailed campaigns to mobilize UCS's constituencies, suggested outlets for list growth, sample content tailored to specific audiences and supported by recommendations for measurement. A portion of this plan included helping UCS create The Equation, a blog to help build their scientists' personal brands. Training 40+ bloggers generated enthusiasm from even the most initially vocal skeptics, and The Equation posts now routinely generate several hundred social media shares. The Equation also continues to help UCS garner a notable uptick in media coverage and interview requests from outlets such as The New York Times.