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Best Practices for Year-End Fundraising 2019

Did you know that 33% of all donations come in between 10/1-12/31? If you are feeling panicked about meeting your fundraising goals, check out our guide to the nuts and bolts of planning a donor driven year-end fundraising campaign that we did recently for several foundation and nonprofit leaders. We provide strategies on: Crafting your story and utilizing the SMART principle Optimizing your donation landing pages Setting realistic fundraising goals Audience segmenting Leveraging…

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Drupal 8 Paragraphs Module Review

Drupal 8 out of the box is pretty powerful, but the Paragraphs module takes your content entry and theming to the next level. By installing and enabling Paragraphs on your Drupal site, content creators will get access to a number of design options for content types that allow them to let content dictate the design. If you are utilizing the Bootstrap framework for your theme, there is also a…

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10 Signs Your Nonprofit Is Getting Lazy With Social Media

Nonprofits, we have a problem. The sector has gotten so used to using social media as part of their daily online communications, a lot of messaging has become boring. Lots of nonprofits are getting a little too comfortable with social media, and while there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, it becomes a problem the moment you get lazy. When your social networking becomes mediocre, you’ll usually see a decrease in engagement, a drop in followers, and a very bored community. Part of the…

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Drupal 8 Theming - Debugging Twig

Whether you’ve inherited a Drupal 8 project or are starting fresh, being able to easily and quickly debug an issue is important. The first thing I like to do after starting a new twig theme is turn on some basic debugging. Drupal makes twig debugging easy because it gives you a list of potential templates, and which template is currently in use. If you’ve never touched a Drupal theme before, this gives great insight into naming conventions and the template hierarchy. Beginner-level developers…